Jacky's Games

Match The Color

Match The Color is my first ever game that I've created with no help/tutorial. I got the inspiration from a TikTok filter. Once you click this button, select your desired difficulty. Once you click start, you will be given a random color. Your goal is to move the provided sliders (each corresponding to red, green, and blue) to match the given color. Submit when you're done!

Tic Tac Toe

Classic Tac Tac Toe vs a not very smart Computer. Player vs Player mode is currently in progress. Connect three in a row to win! Click this button to begin.

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors vs a Computer. Rock beats Scissors. Scissors beats Paper. Paper beats Rock. Watch the computer decide. Click this button to begin.


Classic Hangman made with use of APIs. Either click the VIRTUAL KEYBOARD (mobile) to guess, or press letters on your PHYSICAL KEYBOARD (computer) to guess. Make sure caps lock is off if guessing with physical keyboard. Includes definition of word after the game is over. Click this button to begin.