Jacky's Projects

BLS Asian Students In Action

Asian Students In Action (A.S.I.A.) is a student-run organization at Boston Latin School. Our goal is to promote awareness of Asian and Asian-American culture and community. Through our activities and major events, we enable our members and volunteers to meet new friends and develop useful skills. We also aim to work with external organizations in order to engage with the Asian American community in the Greater Boston area and to provide our members with volunteer opportunities.

BLS Recycling Committee

Founded in 2008, our goal is to engage student volunteers in environmental protection and to encourage waste reduction within the Boston Latin School community. We manage the school's recyclable waste and host events to promote sustainability.

BLS Badminton

BLS Badminton was founded in the fall of 2022, and it is a safe haven to play and express your love for the sport of badminton. No matter your skill level, we welcome all interested members that would like to either learn how to play the sport or practice their skills. Over the past year, we have provided a safe space for our members to increase physical activity, make new friends, and reduce stress from their classes… all while learning Badminton of course!

Boston CyberPrep (Work In Progress)

Founded in 2022 by Jacky Li and William Liang, Boston CyberPrep is dedicated to spreading awareness of technological advancements to local salons by providing effective and innovative digital marketing tools. Boston CyberPrep specializes in creating exceptional online experiences that leave a lasting impression. Our expertise extends to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.